Home Swap Wanted from UK member


Home swap wanted with my 1 bed room studio

What:  Home swap wanted  and also Home swap available                                                                                                                                                                       

Who:  I am EWA-PP male member in the UK

Where to swap/  Which country and town.

–1st request: USA, New york

–2nd request:  USA, California

–3rd request:  Japan, any toun.

–4th request: France, Paris

–5th request: Finland, any town

Occupation : Painter and part- time teacher at junior high school

Accompany with:   wife. no children

When: Minimum one week between 03 August and the end of August 2013

My property: 1 bed studio including living room, own kitchen, bath, toilet

and kitchen.  Small garden and drive way for parking.  Ground floor.

10 minutes walk from over ground rail station.

Address: (do not write post code, just country and town name.

Nearest tube or rail station : Cornwall railway station

What to see in my area: I recommend to see beautiful coast line where many

famouse artists painted in the past.

Contact:  Please contact to my Profile Page

My Profile Page:  www.ewaac.com